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GETO wants to extend initiatives for Transsiberian traffic

Frankfurt / Main, 06.06.2012. Interest in the rail forwarding business between Europe and Asia has steadily increased, members of GETO (Community of European Transsiberian Operators) noted at their annual meeting, which was held in Frankfurt in May this year. Werner Albert, longstanding Chairman of GETO and simultaneously Vice-Chairman of the International Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT) in Moscow, saw an enormous progress in the fact that company trains currently travel in both directions between China and Germany and thus revive the international transit on the Transsiberian route. He expects that “this regular traffic, which functions well, will also encourage other carrier companies to take a keener interest in rail transport along these routes”.

In order to promote the Eurasian rail freight traffic, GETO wants to position itself even more strongly as an interest group for medium-sized operators and freight forwarding companies focussing on the CIS market. “We cannot leave the market to a few monopolies. If we want to have lasting sustainable and conclusive solutions for the international transit on the Transsiberian route, we need to make offers, which are open and attractive to a large circle of customers”, Mr. Albert underlined.

GETO was founded in 1978 in Basel, at a time when international Trans-siberian transit was booming. Its goal was to protect the interests of European Transsiberian operators and to support traffic on this very important Eurasian railway magistrale. In more than three decades and thanks to many initiatives, GETO has tried to overcome decreases in international Transsiberian traffic and to develop it anew. Hans Reinhard, Chairman of the Board of the InterRail Group, which belongs to GETO, mentions the current initiative of extending the container block train traffic “Eastwind” from Berlin right through to Aktobe in Kazakhstan by means of a regular shuttle service, with a connection to China and other countries in Central Asia. “Together with the Kazakh Railways, we want to develop Aktobe into a hub for the entire region and to establish new resources for this traffic thanks to greater flexibility”, Mr. Reinhard explains.

At GETO’s General Assembly, he was elected new Chairman of this community. Mr. Albert, as Honorary Chairman and in his function at CCTT, will continue to stay involved and committed to the interests of GETO.

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