About us

GETO was founded in Basle in 1978. Its aim was to safeguard the interests of European Transsiberian operators and to support the increase in transportation on the most important Eurasian railway route.

In the past, when the Eurasian landbridge was mentioned, it first of all denoted the Trans-Siberian railway corridor that GETO originally was named for as GETO was the German abbreviation for "Gemeinschaft der Europäischen Transsibirien Operateure und Spediteure", i.e. Group of European Transsiberian Operators and Forwarders.

Yet this has changed completely since the BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE was introduced in 2013 by the Chinese government. The intention is, to revive the Silk Road. To take into account the eminent importance of the Eurasian landbridge, the GETO members decided to rename GETO into "Group of European TransEurasia Operators and Forwarders".

GETO is the West European pillar of the international network for promoting Transsiberian transport from, to and in transit with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It belongs to the initiators and founders of the International Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT) in Moscow. GETO supports the Council's activities in a constructive and committed way.The common aim of CCTT and GETO is to promote the international transport on the Eurasian railway route with various initiatives and this has greatly contributed to the development of transportation on this significant railway corridor.

What does GETO do?