Stable growth in container traffics on the Eurasian land bridge

Basle, Switzerland, 18. September. Eurasian container transports via the Trans-Siberian railway magistral have shown a stable growth tendency over the past few years. This is owed to rising interest on the side of shippers in...[more]

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GETO demands attractive land bridge for SMEs, too

The positive result of the past few months is that, in spite of numerous caesuras in the political, financial, and economic framework, a considerable degree of stability was upheld in East-West rail traffics. [more]

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„Memorandum of Cooperation” between GETO and CIT

Basel, 3 December 2013. In an endeavor to promote rail traffic between East and West along the international rail corridors, ...[more]

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Anstieg der Containerverkehre auf der Transsib

Basel, 26.11.2013. Der internationale Containerverkehr über die Transsibirische Eisenbahnmagistrale erhöhte sich 2012 um 15 % und stieg auf insgesamt 640 Tausend TEU. Davon entfiel gut die Hälfte auf Außenhandelsverkehre zwischen...[more]

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GETO for more rail traffic on the East-West axes

Frankfurt / Main, 30.5.2013. „In order to achieve competitiveness for goods transported by rail on the East-West axes to Russia and onwards to Central Asia as well as the Far East...[more]

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Auszeichnung für Harm Sievers

Preisträger des RZD Partner Awards[more]


GETO sees considerable progress in the Eurasian container traffic

+++Werner Albert, Honorary Chairman of GETO (“Association of European Transsibirian Operators and Forwarders“), mentioned...++++ [more]

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